Sunday, July 12, 2015

T-Shirt Dress

I have had these two t-shirts for a very long time with the intention of sewing them together into a dress and then decorating it somehow.  The T-Shirt Dress portion is done and now I'm ready to get creative.  My idea is to paint a square for the front and I think I have some muslin pieces which I painted years ago that just need some images stamped on them to transform them.  Here is the T-Shirt and when I dig through my past painted muslin base, I will post that and hopefully not too long after that, I will post what I add to the muslin and then hopefully, not too long after that, I'll post the finished dress.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sewing Scarves Tonight

I don't know what has taken me so long to finally sew these up but at long last here they are.

The cream/red/black/red plaid fabric is something I purchased from Emma One Sock and I could not decide if I should cut it in half and make a longer, thinner scarf or cut it in half and add a different fabric to the back. But, in the end I just sewed it up! Now if I could have just done that a year and a half ago, I probably would have been able to wear it through two holiday seasons.  It's nice to know I am ahead of my holiday sewing!

This next scarf is the second (and third) one I've made from from stretch knit I found at Joann's this past winter and my plan then was to sew some up for holiday gifts.  I didn't quite get them done in time for Christmas but one was ready for a Spring gift.  One is going to a friend at work and the other I haven't decided whether to keep or give away.  Maybe my daughter will spy it this summer and take it home with her.  I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Cards and Such

I have been creating a lot of different things lately and have not really had time to post so I thought I would start with a heading and upload a few pictures here and there.  I probably will have to upload in reverse order but it's a start.  Finally jumping back in to the blog!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

BEHIND THE PICKET FENCE - in Costa Mesa with GinaMarie

A couple of weeks ago my good friend GinaMarie and I took a ride down to Costa Mesa to visit a vintage market.  I was very good about not buying too much but oh, the cute things I left behind!  I did buy a couple of tiny clutch sewing kits made from leather which I plan to add some metal paint to as well as decorating the leather portion.  The inside still contained all the needed sewing needles, thread and small buttons.

I thought I'd include the links to some of the shop owners' cute displays I came across. Located at the Paso Robles Event Center and having a sale on October 4 and 5 of this year and May 2 and 3, 2015.  Mark it on your calendar! French at Heart.  Very cute french jewelry items, including french patriot saints incorporated into her jewelry.
www,  Handmade pillows, tote bags and wine bottle bags using some fresh designs.
Picture      Picture      Lisa Rainey Marois selss silver place setting she picks up at estate sales.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shrink Plastic Pins

I made a few tie pins for co-workers a few years ago and never took photos or posted.  That is now on my list of things to do!  I have some extra pins at work that I need to photograph and upload.  In the meantime here's a link to some really fun projects as well as detailed directions.

Shrink Plastic Photo Jewelry

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Little Girl Tags - aka Girl of the Moment

I had a little fun stamping these cute little girl images on some handmade tags I made when I had some leftover heavy cardstock.  The girl with the cape is a Unity Stamp and the party girl is from Stampendous.  

This first tag is just stamped and colored with markers.  I used some bold funky colors for my supergirl image.  I think they show the awesomeness of girl power!  

Unity Stamp - Girl of the Moment

I wanted to try a little something different and used some shimmerpaint and tried to patiently wait for it to dry before I could stamp the girl. 

Unity Stamp - SuperGirl!

For my party girl I painted a little white gesso on the tag and punched a border.  The gesso really made the colors stand out against the white manilla cardstock.  So cute!  

Birthday Girl Close-Up

Party Girl Tag 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baseball Dress for My Niece

Sometimes it's more fun making the perfect gift instead of spending hours at the store trying to find that something special for someone.  My beautiful niece knew she was expecting a little girl and even had her name picked out.  She chose some really great colors for the nursery and so I was trying to stay away from the cutsie pink & frilly usual girly stuff.  When I looked at her registry I noticed there was a cute knitted hat that was white and had the stitching that looked like a baseball.  Did I tell you her husband is a coach.  Well when I saw that hat, I knew I could get her something with a baseball theme.  I happened to be at the fabric store a couple of days later and find an end piece of some baseball fabric with red background.  There was just enough on the bolt to make this dress.  I already had the pattern and was able to find some find some brown bias tape in my overflowing stash.  Here's the play by play of the creation.

Simplicity Pattern Number 3508

Baseball Fabric Closeup

The  finished dress for Daddy's Little Girl